Going to the Chapel and we’re…(you finish the song)

You know this title is stuck in your head now! I sing this to myself every time I book, or even think about our little chapel….of loooove, the 1060 East Wedding Chapel.

We call it a Chapel, but really it’s more of a wedding room. It’s another safe and happy option that we provide our clients with. We found early on that we had many couples that wanted something affordable, but they simply had too many guests to utilize our $75 Courthouse Alternative. It’s also a fantastic back up plan in the event you book one of our outdoor packages and the weather does not understand you have a wedding that day! Since 2016, we have had this service available, and have performed hundreds of ceremonies for vast and unique varieties of brides and groom from all walks of life.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Our Chapel story started in Irvington, when the veritable King of Justice of the Peace weddings, Rev. David Daniels handed his crown down to me, at the JP Chapel located in a strip center near the interstate. We learned quite a bit from him, and took it to the next level. We stayed in the Irvington area, and partnered with a fantastic local drummer and musician Adam Riviere in the historical district of this cute east side neighborhood. He owns a production studio, named The Playground. We then moved officially this year to our new location in Brownsburg. There are some pictures of the older chapel below.

We knew that the 1060 East Chapel was the perfect location. It’s in a large building full of businesses. They just repaved the parking lot, and there is plenty of space for everyone. Sara and I busted our butts to get everything painted, decorated, and ready for our couples within a week. I have to admit, it looks pretty darn good. We chose Sherwin Williams “Rain Wash” as the wall color, and our Pinterest Queen Sara figured out the perfect way to drape the tulle in the ceiling with the chandelier. It has those nice industrial ceilings, with our touches of chic. We even added glitter…yes GLITTER, to the concrete stain for the floor. I knew I wanted a copper arch, so a quick trip to Lowe’s, and I built that sucker, and Sara draped it. This really is a total win for girls with tools.


Offerings in the 1060 East Wedding Chapel

The 1060 East Wedding Chapel is for the ceremony only. We currently do not offer any reception options here. (We do have our Mini and Maxi Packages that boast all those goodies on our IWD site). But, what you can get is an amazing ceremony tailored to you and your fiance by one of our talented in-house officiants. You can get married in front of up to 10, 20, or 50 of your closest friends and relatives.  We also offer photography sessions you can add on to your ceremony choice. Your photos will be professionally edited, and available via email within 24-48 hours.

We do have a Bluetooth speaker as well. You can make a personal playlist for the event, or you can simply have a song played while you walk down the aisle. Speaking of aisles, some brides choose to walk down to their soon to be husband or wife, and some just choose to come right up front, and get down to wedding business. We have set up the room so there are two different backdrops that you can choose from. We have the arch, and a neat boxwood hedge wall created by our friends from Beth Waterman Photography. (She’s so creative. She should be a Hollywood set artist, you should check her work out!)

We always instruct our clients to plan on being with us for about 45 minutes to an hour, and sometimes maybe a wee bit longer if we are adding our photography package. Since we are only 25 minutes away from Downtown Indianapolis, a lot of couples plan their ceremony to coincide with supper time, and have a fabulous night on the town.



You can visit the 1060 East Chapel website to learn more about our pricing, or to make a reservation. Give the Facebook page a like or a share, or view our Instagram. Links are below.









What? A $75 Wedding? I do!

Our $75 Courthouse Alternative wedding at my West Indy home is our most affordable and convenient package that Indiana Wedding Design provides our clients. In this blog post, we want to tell you more about what it includes, and how the package might be the best fit for you! Most county courthouses do not perform “Justice of the Peace” ceremonies or have judges that will perform weddings any longer. We are here to help!

Our first Courthouse Alternative was born in 2015 when a couple wanted to get married at Eagle Creek Park, and it had rained all morning. It was just the two of them. I said, “Why don’t the two of you just come by my house, I have a cute little office in the front room.” They were super happy about it, we performed their cute little ceremony, and off they went into the world. Then I started thinking. I thought that there had to be so many more couples out there that could benefit from a small, intimate affordable ceremony space. I just happened to glance over to the bookshelf, and there it sat. My Mammaw Patty’s marriage license from 1960. I remember her always telling me how they went to the Preachers home after work, and got married! Right then and there the Courthouse Alternative was born. We even bought our new home in the same area due to the fact it has its own private entrance.

Fast forward to 2020, I have married HUNDREDS of couple since we started. We perform ceremonies in the wedding room 7 days a week, and we are always available with little to no notice. We also take appointments for months in advance. We tell our couples to plan on being with us for approximately 25-30 minutes, unless we really get to chatting, which happens often. It’s really fun getting to know couples. Everyone has a great story of how they met, got engaged, or how they fell in love! We sit down at the desk, and get to know each other a bit while we fill out your paperwork, perform your ceremony, and lastly sign off on the documents. We always take lots of cell phone pictures. 

Who books the $75 Courthouse Alternative? We have couples that book this package because they want a quick, efficient and affordable ceremony that otherwise would have been done at their county courthouse. Some couples want a simple ceremony with no pomp and circumstance and that is OK.  Some people cannot afford anything more, and that’s OK too. Some couples are traveling thru Indiana and want a quick stop. There are couples that want a quick paper signing and an I Do, and want to immediately file the license back with the clerks office. Are you having a destination wedding and prefer your license be filed locally? We have you covered.

One of the biggest questions we do receive is: “Can I bring a guest?” Yes! You can bring a guests. The maximum number of guests you can bring, however is 2, plus yourselves. It’s not because I don’t want you to have your loved ones. Trust me. I would let you invite the whole crew if I could. The fact is, we are operating an at-home-business, and with Marion County ordinance guidelines, we cannot have more than 4 individuals at a time inside the wedding room.

The best part about our wedding room? Anything goes. If you want to write your own vows, DO IT! Do you want to exchange rings, DO IT! Do you want to video chat someone that can’t be there, DO IT! Christian ceremony, hand-fasting, sand ceremony, song lyrics, non religious, DO IT! The even better part, say it with me now, FREE PARKING! I have not even mentioned the cutest part, you might even run into our resident cutie, Bun Bun (pictured below)


Just remember, with any package from Indiana Wedding Design, or any of our sister companies, Indy Wedding Officiants, Elope in Indy, or our 1060 East Wedding Chapel: Whether your ceremony is Simple or Spectacular, it will always be Fabulous!

Stay tuned next week for our Photography Spot light!



Save money- get married at home!

The Circle City 360 package is one of our most well-loved due to its affordability, efficiency, and flexibility. We’ve shown you a couple of different options with the 360 package; getting married in a venue of your choice such as the statehouse, or in one of our premier venues such as the Irvington Wedding Chapel, but what we haven’t talked about is the best venue of all- your own home!

Bronwen and Emily tied the knot in their home (in a totally transformed garage! Seriously, you can’t even tell,), which means they had 100% control over the decorations, the food, and all the other vendors. They opted to use not only an Indiana Wedding Design officiant, but also one of IWD’s independent photography partners. They had a small wedding with about 8 guests, but they set up a camera to live stream the event to all of their loved ones who could not join them that day.

Greenfield & Barns-1
Their day was full of little details, from the box where their rings were kept, to the meticulously hung lights that set a romantic mood for the ceremony, to the cake that fit the theme perfectly. Their homemade appetizers were made with love and sophistication and were laid out in an appetizing spread.

Their ceremony showed just as much personalization as the rest of the day, with sweet yet funny (and true) vows like, “you can tell me what to do, but we’ll always work through it together.” One of the best parts? They high-fived before their first kiss as wives.

Tune in next time for a photographer spotlight!


*All photos taken by Cait Potter Creative, LLC


Big Dreams, Small Budget

Here at Indiana Wedding Design, it is our distinct honor and prime goal to offer you the wedding of your dreams at a price you never dreamed possible. Hundreds of Indianapolis couples have taken advantage of our packages to start their lives together. One of our favorite couples, Steve & Shea, enjoyed a beautiful, intimate ceremony at the Indiana State House. We asked Shea to talk to us more about her Circle City 360 wedding!


What was your favorite part about being engaged and your wedding planning process?

The euphoria of being in love, and knowing I was marrying the man of my dreams. The excitement of researching how we wanted to do our wedding, finding a wedding dress and his suit, and all the accessories. It was so wonderful!

Where did you get married? What did you like most about your venue?

The Indiana State House, at Angel’s suggestion. I had no idea you could go in there for free! I am so thankful for her knowledge and advice, she made my wedding go from 0-60. We were just going to do something simple for the two of us, but wanted it to be nicer than a quickie courthouse type wedding.


How did you feel on your wedding day?

The ceremony was really just a means to an end, we did not want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it. But I still wanted to feel like a princess on my wedding day. I found IWD via a wedding dress listing online, and was ecstatic to find out they offered packages that would let us jazz up our ceremony but still stay on budget. So knowing that we were getting to have a gorgeous wedding without spending thousands of dollars was pretty awesome.

What was your favorite part of the day?

The moment we both said “I do” to each other!

Was there a particular moment you are glad to have memorialized in your photos?

Our photographer captured several amazing moments and it’s honestly hard for me to pick a favorite! There are 2 that he did that I wouldn’t have even thought of, and they were gorgeous! One where it was just me, sitting on the floor of the state capital with all the gorgeous architecture around me, and my dress spread out. The other was of my husband and going down the stairs. My favorite moments though are the ones where we are kissing. I think that sums up all the feelings from that day!

What is one piece of advice you have for other couples planning their weddings?

Even if you weren’t considering hiring a wedding coordinator or officiant, talk to IWD. They have SO much knowledge, and are more than happy to share it. I was really so intimidated and anti-big wedding, but didn’t know that there was actually a way to have the best of both worlds!


What is your favorite part about marriage so far?

Having a permanent best friend to share life with!

What are your plans for the future?

Raise our kids together and continue having adventures together!

Would you recommend working with IWD to others?

Yes, I highly recommend IWD! I refer them any chance I get.


2018- the year of the Mini Wedding!

Kingsbury Wedding-24

Our mini-wedding packages are really taking off- and it’s easy to see why! More and more couples are choosing to save money on their wedding in favor of using it for big things for life afterward. These budget-friendly weddings include EVERYTHING a regular wedding has (a beautiful venue, a personalized ceremony, a professional photographer, a reception, a cash bar, and treats!). Not only do couples receive all of this, but IWD does the planning for you, saving you time, effort, and a TON of money!

Last week, we were lucky to work with one of the sweetest couples ever, Brittany & Thor (YES, that IS his real name!). Brittany is the nicest (and most expressive!) woman ever, and boy is it obvious that Thor adores her. They had their ceremony & reception at the Cyrus Place, a beautiful downtown venue beautifully restored. The weather was beautiful (especially for the beginning of March!), allowing them to move outside for some beautiful photos in the charming, brick-paved, historic area, (Brittany is from New England, so this area was special and reminiscent of home).

Kingsbury Wedding-23.jpg

This couple had so many special and personal touches on their wedding day. From a handmade sign given to them by the bride’s aunt to the groom’s dad officiating the ceremony to the Indianapolis IPL building on Monument Circle lit up with a heart in honor of their marriage. They customized their package to include additional photography time in order to capture these special touches. That’s why these mini-wedding packages are so great- they can be completely customized to fit your needs (and wants!) without blowing your budget.

Kingsbury Wedding-38.jpg

What are you waiting for?! Call today!

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Circle City 360 Package!

Aptly named for our beautiful town, the Circle City $360 package is a great choice for any couple (Get it? Indianapolis is the CIRCLE City, circles are 360 degrees. GET IT? We’re clever). ANYWAY. We love this package, and so do a ton of our clients! In addition to an officiant and a beautiful venue, this package also includes a professional photographer to capture your ceremony and family portraits, all at an amazing budget-friendly price!

We pride ourselves on providing swift and quality services to our couples, so in addition to our prompt and friendly officiating, you can expect to receive your 15-20 edited included images from your professional photographer within 48 hours of your ceremony. 

This particular wedding was at the Irvington Wedding Chapel. It’s just one of our amazing options for this package (check back, we’ll feature other venues in future blogs!). This little chapel is full of both modern and rustic touches and it always looks beautiful in pictures. You can check out even more information about the venue here!

Angela and Eric were such a sweet couple. “We love to take walks together, watch TV, and work out together. We understand each other and we love to be in each other’s company.”  

Does this sound like your kind of wedding? Head over to our website to book today!

Until next time!

Bilt for your Budget!

Indiana Wedding Design’s newest all-inclusive maxi wedding package is “Bilt for your Budget”! This 3.5 hour wedding includes a ceremony, food, cocktails, dancing, and a professional photographer for up to 75 guests! The best part? This packages comes in at $3,695. That’s less than $4,000 for an elegant and modern wedding in the heart of Indianapolis. We are so excited about this package, so we sat down with Lauren Allan, Director of Marketing at the Biltwell, to learn more about her and the amazing services offered in the Maxi Wedding package at the Biltwell Event Center.Lauren Allan.jpeg

As the Director of Marketing, Lauren handles all of the Biltwell’s advertising, social media, web design, and client & vendor relations. In addition to all of that, she is the main contact for Indiana Wedding Design’s Mini & Maxi weddings at the Biltwell!

On a Bilt for your Budget wedding day, couples arrive early to rehearse their ceremony with Indiana Wedding Design staff. After rehearsal, the couple will be able to change into their wedding attire and wait in anticipating for their ceremony to begin. After the ceremony concludes, the couple has 3 hours to celebrate with their loved ones in a beautifully decorated reception, enjoy a seasonal menu of displayed hors d’oeuvres, and an optional cash bar. Lauren highly recommends the lobster mac and cheese bites and the beet goat cheese mousse cucumber bites(:

When we asked Lauren what she wanted couples to know about the Biltwell, she said, “truly, we are so happy to be here and serve all of our clients. Our entire team is fantastic, talented, and dedicated. Our owners dreamed of running an event venue for a long time before they purchased the Biltwell, and have poured their hearts into each and every aspect of the company.”

The Biltwell Event Center has so much to offer with ten individual event spaces, but its owners and staff recognize that not everyone wants to have a huge wedding. There are so many couples who want something smaller and more intimate. Lauren and the rest of the Biltwell staff are thrilled that they are able to make even more “best days ever” happen by opening up the Biltwell’s smaller (but equally stunning) spaces in this partnership with IWD.

We asked Lauren what she loved about working with weddings, she responded, “I love making their dreams turn into reality. That sounds cheesy, but having a couple come in and describe to you what they envision their day to be like, and to help them create it and see their reaction when it all comes together is heartwarming. My favorite part of a wedding is the first look or when the couple sees each other for the first time down the aisle. There are no smiles like those smiles!”

Here at Indiana Wedding Design, it is our goal to provide you with incredible wedding resources and to create the beautiful day you’ve always dreamed about. For this reason, we are ALWAYS asking our connected wedding professionals what their biggest piece of advice is for engaged couples. Lauren had excellent advice, “Your wedding day is about you and your fiancé, and not about everyone else’s expectations of what a wedding ‘should be.’ Incorporate special moments and things that are significant to you as a couple so that it feels personal to you. Although tradition is beautiful and timeless, it is almost more common now to stray away from tradition and add as many personal touches into your day as possible. If you love tradition – great! But if you want to get ready together, or not cut a cake, or have the reception first and get married under the stars at the end of the night, that’s great too because it is YOUR day!”


To learn even more about the Biltwell, check them out online!

Call or email today to book your dream wedding at the Biltwell!


Officiant spotlight: Sara Dodson!

Indiana Wedding Design is made up of awesome people who care deeply about the couples we serve. These people are such rock stars, we want to take some time each month to spotlight the people who make it all possible! We decided to kick off the year with Sara Dodson. Sara lives on the west side of Indianapolis and came to officiating as a passion project on the side of her full time job in the pharmaceutical industry. Keep reading to find out more about her!


How did you come about being an officiant? How long have you been an officiant?

I became an officiant by chance, when planning my wedding in 2016 I found myself in need of an officiant. While searching a bridal page on facebook, I came across IWD page. When I met Angel, I knew it was a perfect match for us.  I had zero worries when it came to my wedding day. Angel was beyond professional and help add extra special moments to our wedding that were memorable.  Roughly a month after our wedding, I came to work for IWD. Now coming into my third season, I enjoy today as I did on day one. It is amazing meeting our couples and it is an absolute privilege to be apart of their special day.

Why do you like working with weddings? What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

Weddings are magical, the love, the romance and being a part of a special day. My favorite part of a wedding is the reveal. I love seeing the beautiful couples first glance at each other. From that moment on they know their lives are beginning as one.

How do you define love?

I define love as a feeling that you can’t live without. For myself the day I knew I was completely in love with my husband, was the day I realized I did not want to go on living life without him. My husband is my best friend, when we were not together my day or night was not complete.

with husband

Describe your favorite wedding you’ve officiated with IWD or your favorite wedding story.

There are so many to choose from, each wedding I have performed has had a special place in my heart. One of my recent weddings at the beginning of this year of Jesse and Pamela Burris. I love when couples express their love and gratitude to each other. Pictures are a lasting memory of the beautiful day.

What do you enjoy about working with IWD?

I love first and foremost our amazing couples and the relationships that we have created with them. But honestly, our amazing team is so supportive of one another, we are family.

Describe your wedding!

We were married at The White River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo in  September 2016.  Keep in mind prior to our wedding, I never dreamed of the magical day. I use to tell my dad, I will just go to Vegas and get it over with. Though we decided to have the big wedding, it was absolutely perfect.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.   In 2016, the zoo had a Lego exhibit in the gardens, to be honest I prayed that our groomsmen did not take one down.  About 6 month prior to our wedding my dad was given a diagnosis of end stage renal cancer. The best and worst time of our lives, though we made the best of it. My dad was front and center the entire day. We experienced our daddy/daughter dance compliments of his mobility scooter, and even slid in a  daddy/daughter dance with my husband and step-daughter. Our day was absolutely amazing, I have a wonderful list of brilliant vendors, etc. who help making it great.

wedding day

What’s the most difficult situation you have faced with a couple and how did you resolve it?

Generally prior to the ceremony, we have worked out all the fine details that are to take place on the “big day”, I make sure I hear all the wants and needs of the beautiful couple to ensure the day goes as perfect to their timeline.

What’s your biggest piece of advice to engaged couples?

Make sure to always remember that it is your wedding. Make sure your wedding is what you as the couple want it to be. Don’t try to please everyone else.

Do you have another job? If so, what is it? What do you do when you are away from work?

I am a real time analyst for a pharmaceutical company for the past 17 years. I am responsible for the scheduling and planning of 5 contact centers across the United States.

What would we be surprised to learn about you?

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, and I am currently in Graduate School for a MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management.

family photo

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Sara! We are so glad to have her on the team and we can’t wait for all of our future IWD couples to meet her!


Mini-Wedding Magic!

Here at Indiana Wedding Design, we are SO excited to be booking our new Mini Wedding and Maxi Wedding Packages. We recognize that you deserve a beautiful day to remember marrying the love of your life, even if you’re on a small budget. That’s why we’ve created these all-inclusive packages!

We have several venue options located all over the Indianapolis area. From the Hawthorns Golf and Country Club in Fishers to the Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield to the Biltwell Event Center downtown and more! You get to spend two hours in one of these premium venues having the time of your life including the officiant, a photographer, complimentary cupcakes, and access to a cash bar with 30 guests.

Check out the Taylor Wedding at The Cyrus Place, a beautiful wedding venue in a restored old church located in downtown Indianapolis. William and Madison are high school sweethearts. After high school, Zach and Madison took a brief break where they both explored new experiences and met new people, but in the end (just like in your favorite romantic comedy) Zach and Madison realized they were meant to be. Zach surprised Madison with a Christmas Eve proposal surrounded by their family (and he even arranged for the whole thing to be caught on tape!). Madison accepted with tears rolling down her face. Looking back on the day she says, “my heart was full. From that moment, I knew my life was complete.”

Madison and Zach had always talked about just going to the courthouse to get married, because being together was the only part that mattered, BUT, like many girls, Madison had also been dreaming of her wedding since she was 9. “I couldn’t let go of being all dressed up in a pretty dress, having my dad walk me down the aisle, and being with my family.” So, they arrived at the perfect compromise, a Mini-Wedding with Indiana Wedding Design! This wedding was planned in three days time and even included some awesome extras. Madison, Zach & their party arrived at The Cyrus Place in style with a private limo ride. With their two hour time frame on location, Madison & Zach enjoyed time to get ready in separate areas, an intimate and personalized ceremony, time to take formal portraits with a professional photographer, a first dance, a daddy-daughter dance, and toasts from several of their closest family and friends, before being sent off among cheers and excitement in their limo.


Having a professional photographer present who will focus on the tiniest details of your day is one of the best parts of working with IWD! Taylor Wedding Blog-9

Just because this is a mini-wedding, doesn’t mean that you have a mini-experience. This bride still got be pampered and loved on by her family and friends.Taylor Wedding Blog-10

Whether traditional or not, express your love and commit to each other in your own way. Taylor Wedding Blog-2

Remember that professional photographer? You get to spend some more time with them after your ceremony for gorgeous portraits! Madison loved her venue, “Everything was beautiful!! The lights, the wood throughout, the bathrooms were gorgeous, the piano, the historic setting. I loved it all. It was what I had always hoped for.”Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Ad-4

After the ceremony, celebrate with a small reception! The Taylors enjoyed both a first dance together, a daddy daughter dance, and a bouquet and garter toss!Taylor Wedding Blog-3.jpgTaylor Wedding Blog-4Taylor Wedding Blog-6Taylor Wedding Blog-5

Angel, the founder of Indiana Wedding Design, LLC, enjoys creating a personal relationship and experience for each and every couple.Taylor Wedding Blog-7

So what are you waiting for? Contact Indiana Wedding Design, LLC and schedule your Mini-Wedding today!Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Ad-5